Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my order be delivered at the time mentioned in the order?

Our usual timings for delivery are between 11.00 am and 8pm everyday. We will make our best efforts to get your orders delivered at the mentioned time, however it's not guaranteed due to extraordinary circumstances.

2. How fresh are the cakes delivered?

Our cakes are prepared in our own Factory Facilities. All orders for a day are prepared starting early in the morning. The cakes are maintained and transported that make it stay fresh when it is delivered.

3. Why is there a weight difference in the cake delivered?

Custom cakes and special requirements need manual intervention in icing and shaping. This is a highly skilled and manual job. So accurate weights cannot be achieved. Sometimes the variation could be as much as 10%.

4. Can I reschedule an order date?

If, for any reason you wish to re-arrange the date of your order, Alma Bakery will try it’s best to accommodate these changes without any additional charges, provided sufficient notice is given and we are able to provide a cake for the re-arranged order date. All changes must be intimated via email and only after a confirmed reply will it be applicable. If the order is already in process or has been prepared there is no possibility to reschedule the order.

5. Can I write my own message on the cake ordered?

Yes you could write your own custom message. Please be short so that it can be accommodated on the cake. You could even email your own photograph that can be printed on the cake.

6. What if my recipient lives in the outskirts of the city mentioned?

We would make every attempt to reach the recipient, however if the address is outside our delivery limits, we would not be able to deliver it. Please ensure that the recipient address is within the city limits.

7. What is the lead time for placing an order?

We would need at least 48 hrs prior notice for all the orders. Certain customised cakes and deserts need more time. Please contact the shop for details.

8. What is the shelf life of the cakes?

The usual shelf life of a cake is about 24 - 48hrs. However, it depends on the cake and the conditions in which it is stored. For ex. Fresh cream cakes have to be refrigerated as they have a shelf life of 24hrs.

9. Do I need to refrigerate the cakes?

Fresh cream/Non Dairy cakes require constant refrigeration. But others do not*

10. How do you guarantee the quality of the cake?

Our cakes are made in our own bakery. We use fresh cream, imported fruits and high quality ingredients to get the taste that you cherish for long. Our recipes have not changed over more than 50 years, that is a proof of its quality. These are prepared along with orders that cater to large corporate and in fact other cafe chains.

11. Do you take orders on the phone and payment on delivery?

Yes. Conditions apply.

12. How do I decide on the cake size I need?

Best way to decide is to know the number of guests you are going to serve. Approximately we are using the below calculations:
Large cake (approx 1kg) SERVES 8-12 PEOPLE
Small Cake (approx 0.5kg) SERVES 6 PEOPLE
Extra Large cake (approx 2kg) SERVES 20 PEOPLE
XXL cake (approx 3.5 - 4kg) SERVES 40 - 50 PEOPLE

13. How do I pay for my order?

Payments can be made by cash at one of our outlets, through internet banking or via online payment gateway, at least 48 hours before delivery of the custom order or at the time of ordering/delivering in case of regular items.
Custom orders are not processed until online payment has been completed.

14. What if I have food allergies?

Please be aware that whilst your chosen products may not be made with nuts or other allergenic requests, however, it will be prepared in a kitchen where tree nuts/ gluten products may be processed. For details on the ingredients we work with in the bakery, please contact the location directly to speak with a team member to determine which items available can accommodate your allergies.

15. I'm not finding exactly what I'm looking for on the website, how can I go about placing a custom order?

Select a Alma Bakery location nearest to you either call or visit to speak with a team member about your needs. You can also submit the custom cake order form on the website ( and will call you back. We're more than happy to talk you through your options and help you make the best selection for you.

*The seasonal weather conditions will affect the storage conditions for cakes. In summers or monsoons it is advisable to keep all perishable bakery items refrigerated till served.