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Alma Bakery & Cafe is a pioneering venture, breaking new ground by seamlessly blending nature with the indoor cafe experience. Founded and operated by a seasoned family of bakers with a rich legacy spanning over sixty years, Alma Bakery & Cafe is born from a deep-rooted commitment to delivering excellence in culinary delights to the discerning palates of NCR. Drawing from their extensive expertise in the food industry, coupled with an unwavering dedication to conscious consumption, the founders embarked on a unique journey to create Alma Bakery and Cafe.
Alma means 'kind' and 'nourishing' and is a testament to the founders' vision of fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. With a mission to reconnect individuals with the natural world, Alma Bakery & Cafe strive to nurture not only the body but also the soul and the environment. By offering a delectable array of fresh, wholesome fare, meticulously sourced directly from local farms and suppliers, Alma aims to satiate both appetites and consciences alike.
At Alma, patrons are invited to embark on a sensory journey 'from soil to soul.' With a commitment to sustainability and mindful consumption, every aspect of the cafe is designed to reflect this ethos. From the authentic Napoletana pizza, crafted in a traditional stone oven, to the lush greenery adorning every corner of the space, Cafe Alma provides a sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of Noida. The cafe boasts an impressive collection of approximately 400 indoor plants, carefully selected for their air-purifying properties, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and well-being.
Alma is more than just a culinary destination; it is a haven for mindful eating, conscious living, and meaningful connections. Welcome to a place where every bite is a step towards a healthier, greener future.