Where We All Started.
Our Story

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Alma Bakery and Cafe is a first of its kind conscious effort of bringing greens in the environs of an indoor cafe setting.
Founded and run by an experienced Bakers Family, who for more than half a century has been delivering best quality goods to Delhi sophisticated palates. Their experience in the food business along with continued commitment to mindful eating attracted a unique set of minds and believers on this new journey – Alma.
Alma means ‘atma’ or ‘kind, nourishing’. Alma Bakery and Cafe was born out of necessity to bridge the ever parting bond of humans and nature. It has been created to nourish and be kind for our stomachs (super yummy and fresh food), souls and lungs (real plants, green interiors with plenty of natural light).
The journey has started as an "experiment to experience": our beliefs & value system and to make it a reality. It is envisioned as a green getaway in the bustling hub of Noida and designed with every wall and even the ceiling covered in gorgeous green installations.

Visit us to experience ‘from soil to soul’:

FOOD: All ingredients we use in the kitchen are carefully selected directly from farms or from local suppliers.

PIZZA NAPOLETANA: Alma is the only place in Noida where you can try authentic Napoletana pizza from a stone oven.

PLANTS: There are approx. 400 plants in Alma. Indoor plants are air-purifying plants which helps in creating a “healthy atmospheric air” for everyone.

KITCHEN GARDEN: Alma kitchen uses fresh herbs from its adjacent kitchen garden and composts its organic waste for its plant's nutrition.